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Continuing Education

Exclusive Offering for Veterinarians and Professional Staff

Keep up to date on the latest veterinary technical and treatment information while earning CE credit with Virbac University, all at no cost. Developed by industry-recognized specialists in major veterinary medicine disciplines, our online training modules serve as practical refresher courses for veterinarians.

They are also excellent training resources for staff members that can spur practice expansion. After completeing these courses, staff members can answer everyday pet owner questions and perform basic health care procedures. Encourage your staff to take advantage of all Virbac University has to offer.

Virbac University and our Continuing Education sections are currently “under construction.”
We are working diligently to add new content and make necessary updates to the site in order to bring you the most comprehensive and informative courses possible.

Available training opportunities

C.E.T University Dental School of Dental Health
Learn everything from dental anatomy and the technician’s role in dental care to client communication and working to build dental compliance. Techniques covered include charting, dental cleaning, taking radiographs, and pain management.
Dermatology and Skin Health School of Dermatology and Skin Health
Draw upon the expertise of the world leader in animal dermatology to better understand prevalent skin and ear conditions. Learn about the available product choices that can help manage and treat them.
Parasite Control School of Parasite Control
Learn about the life cycles of parasites, the diseases they may cause, methods of treatment and prevention, and how to educate pet owners and guide their product selection.
Endocrinology—Hypothyroidism School of Endocrinology—Hypothyroidism
Gain a better understanding of some of the challenges of diagnostic testing and evaluation of canine hypothyroidism and the importance of consistent replacement therapy.
Behavioral Health School of Behavioral Health
Explore common behavioral issues and the means of evaluating them. You will also get up-to-date information on treatment options and behavioral modification techniques.
Hospital Management School of Hospital Management
Learn how to manage the business and issues that can undermine your practice’s efforts to provide the best medical care. Topics covered include compliance with consistent standards of care, goal setting and measuring progress.