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PREVENTIC® Tick Collar for Dogs

Reaches maximum effectiveness within 48 hours.1

Tick collar for dogs containing 9% amitraz to kill and detach ticks for up to 90 days. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age. Do not use on cats.

  • Provides full protection against ticks within 48 hours of placement.1 Stops new ticks from attaching.
  • Demonstrated 92% efficacy in controlling a severe tick infestation after 24 hours—versus 63% efficacy achieved by a deltamethrin collar.2
  • Protection lasts for up to 90 days.1
  • Makes it less likely for dogs to get tick-borne diseases. By killing and detaching ticks, PREVENTIC® Tick Collar can reduce the risk for transmission of Lyme disease,3 babesiosis,4 and rickettsia.5
  • Paralyzes tick mouth parts to prevent feeding.
  • Trusted by veterinarians for 25 years.
  • Water-resistant—Effectiveness is not diminished if the dog gets wet.
  • Virtually odorless.
  • Two collar sizes available—18” for dogs up to 60 lbs and 25” for dogs over 60 lbs.


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Available Sizes

Description Product Number
18” Collar 609526
18” Prevention Pack (2 collars) 609541
25” Collar 609525
25” Prevention Pack (2 collars) 609540
PREVENTIC<sup>®</sup> Tick Collar for Dogs

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PREVENTIC<sup>®</sup> Tick Collar for Dogs

Can I apply a PREVENTIC® Tick Collar for Dogs to a pregnant or lactating dog?

Virbac does not have any safety studies with use on pregnant or lactating dogs. Consult a veterinarian before using on pregnant or nursing dogs. 

NOTICE:  The product contains an ingredient known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  Wash hands thoroughly after applying this product.  Dispose of as instructed on the product label.  

Will a PREVENTIC Tick Collar for Dogs kill fleas?

This product does not control fleas.

Can I give my dog a bath while he is wearing the collar?

Remove the collar before bathing. Once the dog is completely dry, place the collar back on the dog. 

How long does it take for the PREVENTIC Collar to start working?

PREVENTIC Tick Collar for Dogs starts working within 24 hours and continues as long as the collar is worn (up to 90 days).

Will the PREVENTIC Collar still work if my dog is out in the rain?

The effectiveness of the collar is not diminished by normal wetting such as rainfall; however, it is suggested that the collar be removed before bathing. 

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