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UROEZE® (ammonium chloride) Powder and Tablets

UROEZE® Powder and UROEZE® Tablets are ammonium chloride supplement for use as a urinary acidifier in cats and dogs.

  • UROEZE® Powder is available in 400 mg powder in a 4 oz bottle.
  • UROEZE® Tablets is available in 200 mg and 400 mg tablet sizes in a 500-count bottle.

Available Sizes

Description Product Number
UROEZE® Powder (400 mg–4 oz) 854004
UROEZE® Tablets (200 mg–500 count) 852500
UROEZE® Tablets (400 mg–500 count) 854500
UROEZE<sup>®</sup> (ammonium chloride) Powder and Tablets

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UROEZE<sup>®</sup> (ammonium chloride) Powder and Tablets

What are UROEZE® (ammonium chloride) Powder and Tablets?

UROEZE Powder and UROEZE Tablets are urinary acidifiers.

What do urinary acidifiers do and why are they used?

Urinary acidifiers help keep dogs’ and cats’ urine pH low thus helping to maintain an environment where struvite crystals and stones cannot survive.

I have certain patients that are sensitive to certain proteins. What protein source is in UROEZE Powder and UROEZE Tablets?

The protein sources for both products are beef liver and brewer’s yeast.

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